Ride & Camp

The project

Ride & Camp was a travelling project for 2019 which has consisted of getting in touch with partners from Central and South-Eastern Europe to create forums for dialogue and artistic initiatives.

It was all about being on the road and connecting our starting point with several destinations of Central and South-Eastern Europe (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Albania, Kosovo, Switzerland…), by taking with us what constitutes the company “Un loup pour l’homme”: its members, shows, vehicles, know-how, interest in new encounters and sharing as well as its natural taste for celebration.

We were meeting energies, organizations, artists, institutions, here and there. The point was to get to know those who would like to support emergence of contemporary circus in this region. We participated to the global movement by accompanying the development of activities and projects that local actors are implementing, by planting new seeds, encouraging new possible paths.


With our local partners, we created forums of artistic meetings and present our shows, organise workshops, ensure togetherness and make sure we were visible as much as possible and attract the most people at each one of our events. We also encouraged contact with the local community.


Ride&Camp has been led and produced by Un loup pour l’homme, with general support from Teatroskop (a programme initiated by French Institute, Ministry of Culture and Communication and Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs), City of Lille and Région Hauts-de-France within the framework of their partnership with French Institute. Un loup pour l’homme is conventioned by DRAC Hauts-de-France (French Ministry of Culture).

©Darko škrobonja



© Ivan PI Marenic

© Timisoara 2021


November-December 2017
Contact with partners of the cities perceived as our main stopovers, project co-elaboration

January-August 2018 
Preparation and production of the prefiguration project
Contact with the partners of other stopover cities

September 2018
Prefiguration of “Ride & Camp” in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia.

October 2018
Prefiguration assessment and re-writing of the project and action plan for “Ride & Camp 2019”

November 2018 – July 2019
Preparation and production of the project “Ride & Camp 2019”

May 2019  

RIDE & CAMP – Step 1 – Zagreb (Croatia)
> step co-organized with Cirkobalkana team, group of companies working for  circus developement in the Balkans : Cirkorama (Zagreb, Croatia), Cirkusfera (Belgrade, Serbia) and Čarobnjakov Šešir (Pula, Croatia)
>With support of French Institute of Croatia and ZPC – Zagrebački Plesni Centar.
> Circle of creativity project is organized with Cirkorama (Zagreb, Croatia), Cirkusfera (Belgrade, Serbia) and Cirkokrog (Ljubljana, Slovenia) with support from the European Commission (Erasmus+ programme)

June and July 2019
RIDE & CAMP – Step 2 – 3 weeks
>Celje (Slovenia) with French Institute of Slovenia, Muzofil, Municipality of Celje and Zavod Celeia
>Novi Sad (Serbia) with Infant festival and Serbian National Theater, with support of French Insti-tute of Serbia
> Pula (Croatia) with festival PUF
> Split (Croatia) with Room 100
> Tirana (Albania) with French Embassy in Albania and Municipality of Tirana
> Pristina (Kosovo) with Oda Teater and HAPU festival

September – october 2019
RIDE & CAMP – Step 3 – 1 month ½
>Tirana (Albania) with French Embassy in Albania and National Circus of Albania
>Belgrade (Serbia) a step co-organised with team of CirkoBalkana, in cooperation of festival BITEF and French Institute of Serbia. The project Circle of Creativity is organised in partnership with Cirkusfera (Serbia), Cirkorama (Croatia) and Cirkokrog (Slovenia).
>Novi Sad (Serbia) with Kultura Nova and OPENS 2019, European capital of youth
>Timisoara (Romania) with The Serious Road Trip / Scoala de Circ Timisoara, French Institute of Romania, and Timisoara 2021, European capital of culture
>Rijeka (Croatia) with festival Periskop
>Arogno (Switzerland) with Cultural Commission of Arogno
>Ste Croix (Switzerland) with the company Ici-bas and school Lezarti’cirque
>Pesmes (France) with Les Forges de Pesmes

October–December 2019
Assessment of “Ride & Camp”, in relation to our project partners.