The project

A few guitar notes, and two women come together in the middle of the audience.

They get closer, look at each other, embrace, climb, propel, and whirl. This proximity and the subtle presence of the musician create an intimate space in which the two acrobats gradually reveal the potential of their bodies, the trust and the complicity that nourish their relationship, their experiences.

Drawing from dance and circus arts, they take turns being bases and flyers, defying stereotypes to express a sensitive strength without artifice.

© Pierre Barbier

© Valérie Frossard

© Valérie Frossard

© Charlotte_Orsini


  • Creation and performance : Špela Vodeb, Christine Daigle
  • Music by : Joris Pesquer (& Enguerran Wimez) / Dalès, performed by Enguerran Wimez
  • Performance design : Hristina Šormaz
  • Artistic advice : Alexandre Fray & Cathy Blisson
  • Production, administration : Lou Henry, Emma Lefrançois & Chloé Vancutsem

Production : Un loup pour l’Homme

Co-production : La Faïencerie, theater of Creil (France), Room 100, Split (Croatia), Cirkorama, Zagreb (Croatia)

Support : Association of Associated Circus Companies (ACCA) (Switzerland), Zirkus Quartier and Wagenvarieté Festival, Zurich (Switzerland), Akropoditi Dancefest, Syros (Greece), Združenje Muzofil (Slovenia), Municipality of Celje (Slovenia), Hiša kulture Celje (Slovenia), Zavod Celeia Celje (Slovenia), MCC Celjski mladinski center (Slovenia), Teatroskop – Southeast European Network for the Performing Arts / French Institute of Serbia (a program initiated by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture, and the French Institute of Paris), Plaines d’été / a program of the DRAC Hauts-de-France.
Un loup pour l’Homme is supported by the DRAC Hauts-de-France, funded by the Hauts-de-France Regional Council, and associated with Le Prato – National Center for Circus Arts in Lille. The company is also a member of Filage, a cooperative that supports artistic and cultural actors.


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