Grand-mother project


The « Grand-mother project » has started in 2006 with cultural actions. Little by little, it has grown to become an actual  artistic production project.

 « J’aurai toujours des rêves, maman » (I will always have dreams, mum) is a research project about the gesture of carrying and what it means with elderly people whom Alexandre Fray meets. Taking the time to meet, to relate to each other, to listen a lot, create an atmosphere favourable to confidence and connection, and therefore be able to evolve towards a common physical work later. It is out of the question to rush the relationship. It is about finding intimacy, imbued with a great delicacy. You cannot suddenly find yourself holding up a stranger, abandoning yourself in the arms of someone without this particular attention.

The idea is then to bring people in the world of hand to hand balancing, where intimacy and the relationship to the other prevail. Going as far as possible, gently, with each one, listening to their fears, to their desires… To see what can be weaved in these extraordinary moments, where you accept for the first time to be lifted off the ground. Be attentive to the emotion blossoming out of this work.

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Grand-mother Project © Florence Joubert

Grand-mother Project © Karim Zeriahem

Grand-mother Project © Karim Zeriahem

Team and partners

Artistic direction : Alexandre Fray

Conception : Alexandre Fray, Miriam Kooyman & Cathy Blisson
by and with : Alexandre Fray (or André Rosenfeld Sznelwar) and 4 local’s grand-mother
Sound design and grandmother coaching : Cathy Blisson
Outside eye : Christophe Bergon
Image and music : Karim Zeriahen
Régie : Pierre-Jean Faggiani (en alternance avec Romain Antoine)
Production, diffusion, administration : Lou Henry, Emma Lefrançois, Chloé Vancutsem
Thanks to Caroline Cardoso

Production : Un loup pour l’Homme

Partners coproduction :

CYCLE 1 – Théâtre d’Arles – scène conventionnée pour les nouvelles écritures, Houdremont scène conventionnée – La Courneuve (93), Le Manège Scène nationale de Reims, CG92/Théâtre Firmin Gémier La Piscine Antony, Le Sirque Pôle National des Arts du cirque de Nexon

CYCLE 2 – Cirque-Théâtre d’Elbeuf, Pôle national des arts du cirque – Normandie (76), Lavrar o Mar, Aljezur (Portugal), Ay Roop Scène de territoire pour les arts de la piste (Rennes – 35)

© Valérie Frossard

© Valérie FROSSARD

Grand-mother Project © Karim Zeriahem

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