The project

Two women attempting to grasp a fleeting moment. Through a constant readjusting of brittle tension, together we unravel the inner workings of a delicate balance. As women we can take positions which are not evident in everyday life. Awakening new roles and shifting between them should never be taken for granted.

We seek to achieve this by using tender strength, by expressing ourselves in a sensitive way, by building an intimate zone, and by allowing every little detail to be processed and observed.

Passing Swiftly © Charlotte_Orsini

Passing Swiftly at Leuven © Emma Lefrançois

© Clémence Leleu


  • Creators : Špela Vodeb, Christine Daigle
  • Musicians : Enguerran Wimez, Joris Presquer / Dalès
  • Visual and performance designer : Hristina Sormaz
  • Artistic adviser : Alexandre Fray & Cathy Blisson
  • Manager : Lou Henry, Emma Lefrançois & Chloé Vancutsem

Production : Un loup pour l’homme

Passing Swiftly is being created on the road (roads of France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Catalunya, Holand), in diverse locations, and at residency places, with support of/ in collaboration with: :

La Faïencerie – Creil (France), Room 100 – Split (Croatie) / co-production, Cirkorama – Zagreb (Croatie) / co-production,  Teatroskop – Southeastern European Network for Performing Arts and l’Institut français de Serbie, Akropoditi Dancefest – Syros (Grèce), Zirkus Quartier and festival Wagenvarieté – Zurich (Switzerland) / co-production, L’Association des Compagnies de Cirque Associées (ACCA) (Suisse), Združenje Muzofil (Slovenie) – Municipality of Celje (Slovenie), Hiša kulture Celje (Slovenie), Zavod Celeia Celje (Slovenie), MCC Celjski mladinski center (Slovenia), City of Women – Ljubljana (Slovenie) (en discussion)

La compagnie Un loup pour l’homme est artiste associée au théâtre de la Faïencerie de Creil pour trois saisons. Elle est également conventionnée par la DRAC Hauts-de-France et sociétaire de Filage (coopérative d’accompagnement  des acteur·trices artistiques et culturel·les, Lille).


Creation (2021-2023)

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