The acrobat is never more than a big child who continues to explore the full possibilities of his body, in direct contact with the material.

His playground : the stage. The starting toys are a Hula Hoop and a chariot. These circus disciplines, combining bodies and objects, are the pretext for unstable situations in which the fundamental question of acrobatic carries is always present: alterity. Wiggling, pushing or supporting each other, he and she discover how “I” and “You” can be built together by confronting the world and each other.


” Like all small children, you were fascinated by movement. Your gaze carefully followed the people moving around you, then you took pleasure in pushing and throwing any object you could grab, and finally you learned to move yourself. You thus entered a world animated by a constant whirl of natural and artificial movements ”  – Neil Ardley, Science Pratique

Every year, the Académie Fratellini, a french circus school, calls on an artist or company to create a show for young audiences. After Jeanne Mordoj (Cousumain), Florence Caillon (Le petit lac), Olivier Letellier (Bastien sans main), Sylvère Lamotte (La fabuleuse histoire de BasarKus)…, in 2023 the company Un loup pour l’Homme was asked to direct two artists at the end of their training. For 4 weeks, Špela VODEB and Alexandre FRAY led Lucie Otter and Daniel Kvašnovský, apprentice-artists in their final year (class of 2022-2024) through the production of a 30-minute show.


Artistic directions Špela Vodeb et Alexandre Fray
Circus artists Lucie Otter et Daniel Kvašnovský
Costumes Alexandra Langlois
Music Dalès / Joris Pesquer et Enguerran Wimez
Technical manager Maria Audejean / Charles Dubois / Rémi Athonady (en alternance)
Production, diffusion, administration – Lou Henry, Emma Lefrançois & Chloé Vancutsem

Production Un loup pour l’Homme & Académie Fratellini
With support of the Departement of Seine-Saint-Denis

EN TOURNÉE (2023 - ...)

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