From 2023, Cuir will be a production carried by Les halles de Schaerbeek in Brussels. For more information, please contact Anaïs Longieras – diffusion.armour@gmail.com.

In a powerful body-to-body confrontation, two harnessed men play at manipulating each other’s bodies. The cautious pleasure they take in transforming each other into an instrument, an apparatus, a playground or a battlefield engages them in a struggle with mutual consent. Between traction and attraction, they do not aim for power over the other, but rather power with the other.

statement of intent

In Cuir, Arno Ferrera and Gilles Polet seek to maintain a relationship of person to person, which does not call for a conflicting confrontation, nor a win-lose relationship. One may want to subordinate the other, to force him to follow, to impose a situation on him, but the other may also be in a state of acceptance, in a willingness to follow this obligation. Both men then enjoy their positions, with consent, without any hierarchy. To do this, they explore the capacities of their bodies with the help of equestrian harnesses, usually reserved for draught work and ploughing. The strength thus acquired allows them to be gentle. Not only does the harness amplify the potential of human traction, but it is also an illuminator. Through the physical commitment to serving others with this archaic tool, the two acrobats seek a state where instinct and will become visible and tangible.

Team and partners

Creators : Arno Ferrera, Mika Lafforgue and Gilles Polet
Artistic direction : Arno Ferrera
Performers : Arno Ferrera and Gilles Polet

External eye : Paola Rizza
Choreographic eye : Benjamin Kahn
Sound adviser : Amaury Vanderborght
With complicity of : Alexandre Fray

Light designer : Florent Blanchon
Light and sound technician : Pierre-Jean Faggiani
Saddler : Jara Buschhoff
Costumes design : Jennifer Defays

Administration, production, booking : Caroline Cardoso, Lou Henry & Anaïs Longiéras

Photography : Valérie Frossard
Video : Romain Vennekens
Press relations : Estelle Laurentin
Graphic design : Ekta

Production : Un loup pour l’homme

Coproduction : Le Bateau Feu, SN Dunkerque (FR), Theater op De Markt, Neerpelt (BE), Larural, Créon (FR), Perspectives Sarrebruck (DE).

Support : Conseil Régional Hauts-de-France, SACD / Processus Cirque, Fonds Transfabrik (fonds franco-allemand pour le spectacle vivant). Un loup pour l’homme is supported by French Ministry of Culture / Direction régionale des affaires culturelles Hauts-de-France. Un loup pour l’homme is member of FILAGE (Lille, FR).

Partners residencies : Tanzhaus Zurich (CH), Theater op De Markt Neerpelt (BE), L’échalier St Agil (FR), Larural Créon (FR), Le Moulin du Roc SN de Niort (FR), Latitude 50 pôle arts du cirque et de la rue Marchin (BE), Le Prato Pôle National Cirque de Lille (FR), Katapult Berlin (DE), La Faïencerie & La Locomotive Creil (FR)