Appris par Corps


Appris par corps is a show for two acrobats. With a broaden vision of hand to hand balancing, this piece is questioning the relationship between two people, through the filter of this peculiar couple made of a base and a flyer. These two male bodies is ambiguously navigating from tenderness to violence, from wish to mingle to temptation to escape to the obligation of this almost twin-link, connecting them irremediably.


“In this show, two men face each other and challenge their relationship. They lead us through the turmoils of intimacy, where bonds become loose, where the boundaries between love and death intertwine.
Through their movements, borrowing from dance, drama and circus, an intense but fragile relationship is at stake, which echoes Nature. The hand to hand technique becomes a language of its own, a sort of cryptogram needing to be sounded out in order to understand its sensitive alphabet.
It’s a story about brotherhood, about two beings, lonely but strongly united by their own fights, hope and almost twin-like interdependency.
This acrobatic duet calls for union, while teaching to accept one’s own loneliness and our differences”
Arnaud Anckaert, october 2007

Team and partners

Collective writing : Arnaud Anckaert, Frédéric Arsenault, Alexandre Fray
Acrobats : Alexandre Fray, Frédéric Arsenault
Stage direction : Arnaud Anckaert
Light and stage design : Frantz Loustalot
Technical direction : Cécile Hérault
Sound design : Hervé Herrero
Choreographical eye : Mathilde Van Volsem
Costumes : Flora Loyau
Administration : Peggy Donck

Production : Compagnie Un loup pour l’homme 
Coproductions :
Festival Theater Op de Markt, Neerpelt (Belgique), Equinoxe – Scène nationale de Châteauroux, Culture Commune – Scène nationale du bassin minier du Pas de Calais, Les Migrateurs / associés pour les Arts du Cirque, Jeunes Talents Cirque, Espace Périphérique – Paris, TOHU – cité des arts du cirque de Montréal
Acknowledgment : Centre régional des arts du cirque de Lomme, Le Prato – Théâtre International de Quartier, CIE HENDRICK VAN DER ZEE

Tour (2007-2014)

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