The company Un Loup pour l’Homme was created with the wish to explore in depth partner acrobatics, also known as hand-to-hand.
We consider this circus discipline as the physical confrontation of two bodies or more, and develop a physical/bodily work, in a rather pure manner, in order to reveal the richness and complexity of human relations.

Partner acrobatics are the center of our work. Meaning that we are not soloists, and our main interest doesn’t lay on the individual it self, but rather what happens in between. The connections we create with the other/s. We propose workshops based on our artistic research.

During those workshops, we usually work on subjects linked to the notions developed in our shows: Appris par corps, Face Nord and Rare Birds :
-STEPPING ON THE BODY: find your balance on your partner’s body in different positions, dare to give/receive weight.
-WEIGHT/COUNTER-WEIGHT, PHYSICAL ARCHITECTURE: Get out of verticality, lean on the other, find a balance together, through pushing or pulling. Stand up together. Build static or moving shapes. Dare, beyond gymnastics rigidity, to try new body architectures.
-TRUST: develop confidence in self and the other, play with your fears and defeat them. Work blind.

Throughout the workshops, we care about raising awareness among participants of physical integrity, both individual and collective. Our number one rule stays : “first, do not harm”.

©Frédéri Vernier


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